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Ep 2 - Prey Drive

October 8, 2018

This is "A Band's Life". A podcast where bands share how they're currently navigating the music industry. We'll find out what works and what doesn't. Whether it's gigs, social media, side jobs, relationships, and more!

This last week I was introduced to a band called Prey Drive. They're a relatively new band in the UK who's on an indie label called Krod Records, but what really caught my eye was that they were doing really well on Spotify. Before we get into the interview don't forget to subscribe to the podcast on itunes, stitcher or your favorite podcast app. We also have a video version on youtube. But, without further ado, here's Prey Drive:

Also, I asked Thibaut from Krod records how they submit their artists for playlists. He said that:

"the main thing is not necessarily targeting the big playlists on Spotify : a majority of time we target the smaller Spotify playlists. If we're submitting a punk rock band for example (we always check the punk rock related playlists on Spotify but also the playlists that are linked in some way to punk rock music like the pop/punk playlists/ skateboarding/extreme sports playlists. The main thing is to do a research on smaller playlists and if the music is really good, you will probably have some kind of response/feedback."


So take what he says and apply it to many different aspects of your marketing strategy. It's not internet voodoo, It's being inventive, thinking outside the box and finding new unpaved roads to get your music or content out there. It's why I think having regular band meetings to discuss business and marketing ideas help a band be a bit more productive when it comes to marketing your music. I know, marketing is a bad work in the music scene, oldschool flyers were marketing too, it's just how we get to the people we think might like our music. Give us a like, share, subscribe, comment! If you know bands that you think are surviving the industry, send em our way! Maybe we can get em on!


Joshua Smith